WinHki Pro 1.84 Multilanguage Full Version With Serial Key Free Download

Introduction: WinHki Pro 1.84 Multilanguage
WinHki Pro 1.84 Multilanguage Full Version With Serial Key Free Download a professional archiver and data compression tool, gives you all of these and more. WinHKI is equipped with a file compressor that reduces the size of your data considerably giving you maximum storage space, as you can opt for the “best compression ratio” feature. With WinHKI you can compress files and also ensure privacy with password protection.

Here are some of the features of the registered version:

HTML compression: This is the program’s ability to compress a given page by a certain margin to enable optimum utilization of space.

Picture compression: This is the same as HTML compression except here pictures and images are compressed instead of text.

Archive Protection: This means that your archives are password protected to avoid accidental deletion or tampering. Signature and support, spanning, splitting, encrypting and decrypting are all part of WinHKI and these come under the aegis of being registered.

This is what we have to offer you and more – give us a chance to show you that we have what you need. Run the free trial, sit back, and allow us to make your job easier!

Test-drive the free version first, which will show you what an enormous difference WinKHI can make to your systems. If you are satisfied, only then purchase a registered copy to enjoy the complete benefits of the package.

WinHKI is a file compression tool which makes data-files very small. WinHKI uses new technologies. Suitable for sending data-files using e-mail-programs or uploading files to the internet. Save money and time with this zip program “WinHKI”, as the files are much smaller; save space on your HD or on your web-based disk storage.

Use “best compression ratio” level archiving your data-files, therebly saving money and space. You can also select some crypt-technologies to protect your data. Test this archive utility.

Languages: English – German – French – Italian – Dutch – Polish – Portuguese – Japanese – Russian – Swedish – Spanish

OS: Windows All
Language: Multilanguage

Download Links:

Password [daoud]


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