Smarter Battery 3.1 Full Version Crack Free Download

Introduction: Smarter Battery 3.1

Smarter Battery 3.1 Full Version Crack Free Download is a battery monitoring utility for portable computers, intended to provide you with all the battery data, to help prolong its life and save its energy. It shows you the evolution of the battery’s capacity during the charge / discharge cycles and computes a few important battery parameters, such as the wear level and discharge cycles count.
This program continuously reads the battery data, making a prediction for the time remaining; it also features two alarms, for low / critical battery capacity, triggered by either values of time remaining or capacity percentage you set. The battery capacity evolution is graphically displayed for up to 16 hours period of time, so a complete charge or discharge cycle can easily be visualized and analyzed.
Both Calibration and Fast Discharge procedures were updated to perform better on Windows 8 laptops or tablets. A battery gadget can be displayed by this utility; it has many format options and it offers you a fast, clear view to the current battery state.
Here are some key features of “Smarter Battery”:
Standby, Hibernate, Shut Down and Power Plan items were added to the Battery Menu;
CPU number and average CPU usage are now shown in the Calibration page;
An estimation for the Time remaining until the battery is fully charged;
Improved discharge and calibration log files;
Improved battery Calibration and Fast Discharge procedures.
What’s new in this version?
Optimized code for Windows 8, either laptop or tablet use;
A simple and ergonomic design, with larger fonts;
Accurate computing for the battery discharge cycles;
Larger period of time for graphical capacity display;
Brightness control was added to the battery menu.
OS : Windows XP, Vista, 7,8
Language : English

Download Links:

Password [daoud]


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