Remote Utilities 5.5.2 (Viewer + Host) Full Version Free Download

Introduction: Remote Utilities 5.5.2 (Viewer + Host)

Remote Utilities 5.5.2 (Viewer + Host) Full Version Free Download is multi-purpose remote PC access software that provides easy and secure access to a remote computer. Remote Utilities allows you to view the remote screen and operate its mouse and keyboard as if you were sitting right in front of it.
Remote Utilities consists of the following modules:
-Viewer — a control panel/dashboard
-Host — a remote module for unattended access
-Agent — a remote module for attended access and spontaneous support
With just a single operator license you can administer computers in your Active Directory network and support remote customers over the Internet — all from a single management console.Ф
Remote Utilities has a variety of security options to ensure the safety of passwords and traffic between program modules. All data Remote Utilities sends over the network is encrypted with secure encryption algorithms (a 2048-bit public key and AES with a 256-bit session key). The encryption is always on and cannot be disabled.
Security options include:
-Single-password authorization and WinNT Security
-Multiple users and permissions
-IP Filter, which allows connection only from explicitly-specified IP addresses and networks and blocks any attempts to gain access to the Agent or Host from IP addresses and networks not in the list
-A “shared secret” option, which acts as another password for added security to prevent a Host from being planted on a network computer for the purpose of stealing Remote Utilities passwords
-Protection against brute force password cracking attempts and DDos attacks
-An event-logging option that enables you to keep records of all the actions and events of the program
-An option to lock keyboard input and blank the remote screen either before connecting to the remote PC or after the connection has been established
Version (released June 30, 2013)
-Fixed: An error message that appeared when closing the Viewer
-Fixed: Fixes in the File Transfer mode and other connection modes
-Fixed: Minor fixes and improvements.

Download Links:

Password [daoud]


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