Free Download Chrome SpecForce Full Version Cracked PC Game


Introduction: Chrome SpecForce
Distant Future
Free Download Chrome SpecForce Full Version Cracked PC Game : The expansion of mankind into space continues. All new & new worlds merge with the Federation & all the more difficult it becomes to keep them under control.On the outskirts of the inhabited planets of the cosmos is flourishing crime’ undermining the stability of the interstellar state-:

>You can change this situation. Join the special forces & get the best trained army, the most sophisticated weapons, as well as the chance to become the hero of the Federation-:

Chrome SpecForce Game Features
> continues exciting futuristic action-:
The set of fantastic weapons and power armor, equipped with various support systems for tracking enemy camouflage and accelerate the reactio-:
> Usovershenstvovannny artificial intelligence opponents, independently developed the most effective tactics against the player-:
> Realistic physics model and damage model-:
> Photo-realistic graphics and a wealth of locations: from the secret labs to the alien jungle-:
> Up to 32 people in the game on the network, 4 multiplayer modes-:

Download Links:

Password: |daoud|


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