blocked in India – How to open blocked in India? blocked in India – How to open blocked in India? site which allows you to shorten your URL link and on every visit of your short link you get earned, because its shows advertisement on every shortened link of can also use this  [the trick is that put https before the link and it will open!]

There are many publishers in India of in India who make money by shortening their blog stuffs by using, but from past two days in India the domain name is blocked in India by DoT (Department of Telecom).

But you can still access or Unblock site in India, and for it there are several tricks, which include two trick methods to open website in India. ·

You can use any VPN Service and log in to different server’s country to access this website in India, this is one method, and you can use VPN Software’s like PD-Proxy VPN which is available to download free over the web. ·

The second method is you can set proxy for your Internet browser of different country, you can change proxy address of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari any one you use you can set proxy that is change the proxy of the explorer., you can easily get working proxy address from many websites by just googleing it. So these are the two methods with which you can open the site blocked in India.


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