Free Download Quick Heal Total Security 2013 Full Version Crack (Life Time)

Introduction: Quick Heal Total Security 2013
Free Download Quick Heal Total Security 2013 Full Version with crack (life time) is a best windows antivirus for laptops and desktop. complete security protection against all kinds of Internet threats or risks, and offers a web-based pollution use by it.Total Security protect your pc or laptop from viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware and other malicious threats.

Also it make good protection against new and unknown viruses.
It also PC2Mobile Scan, from mobile malware scan to detect and cleanup.
Auto detected usb flash drive as pendrive,sd card and remove or skip from virus.
by using it’s Aditional Feature “pc tune” you clean unnecessary registry entry, defragmenter disk,system speedup.

Quick Heal Total Security 2013 Key Features:

  1. Antivirus – Scans and removes viruses, worms, trojans and other threats that may sneak into your system through removable drives, email attachments or internet downloads.
  2. AntiSpyware – Detects, cleans and blocks spywares thus automatically preventing identity theft.
  3. AntiMalware – Scans registry, files and folders at lightning speed, detecting and cleaning Spywares, Adwares, Roguewares, Dialers, Riskwares and other potential threats.
  4. Anti-Rootkit – Detects and cleans rootkits proactively by a deep system scan.
  5. Firewall Protection – Works silently in the background and monitors network activity for viruses, spywares and other malicious agents. It uses Intrusion Detection System (IDS) to detect harmful network activity and the Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) to prevent malicious network activity.
  6. Self Protection – Protects Quick Heal files, folders, configurations and registry entries from getting tampered by malicious threats.
  7. Web Security – Real time cloud security protection restricts access to malware infected websites.
  8. AntiPhishing – Automatically scans all accessed web pages for fraudulent activity protecting you against any phishing attack as you surf the internet.
  9. Sandbox – Running your web browser in a sandbox gives you an uninterrupted and secure browsing experience. Acting like a screen between your PC’s Operating System and the malicious threats, it limits the attack surface.
  10. Privacy Protection – Removes traces from Internet history and most recently used list of various applications.
  11. Parental Control – Schedule, control and monitor Internet usage for your children. Configure parental control based on user accounts.
  12. Email Security – Cloud based email security prevents spam, phishing and infected emails from reaching your inbox.
  13. Flash Drive Protection – Automatically scans external storage devices. Protects USB drives from autorun infections.
  14. Data Theft Protection – Prevents unauthorized copy of confidential or sensitive data from your PC using flash drives. It blocks access to USB storage devices (pen drives, CD writers, etc.) from your PC, so the data can neither be copied to the removable drives nor can it be copied from external devices to your system.
  15. PC2Mobile Scan – Scans and cleans viruses, spywares and other malwares in mobile phone, smartphones and PDA’s via your PC using either USB cable or Bluetooth.
  16. PCTuner – Speed up your PC’s performance by tuning start-up applications, services and cleaning unwanted registry entries and files. This feature contains a set of utilities, including Disk Cleanup,  Registry Cleanup, Duplicate File Finder, Defragmenter, and Traces remover.

Follow the below step for activate Quick Heal Total Security life time:-

 1. Install “Quick Heal Total Security 2012 – 2013 (32bit)“.
2. Download the crack files provided by All trick World from in below
3: Restart your pc
4: keep pressing F8 key again and again till you get menu to go in safe mode
5: After getting in safe mode, copy all the crack files and paste in quick heal directory where quick heal is installed
Say yes to replace all files.
default directory is =>   c://program files/quick heal/quick heal total security folder.
6: Run quick heal. Go To Files & Folders Section.
Select Exclude Files & Folders.
Click on Add button.
Add the quick heal folder and subfolders to the exclusion list.
7.Click on Save Changes button.
8: restart pc and run normally
9. enjoy.
Download Links:

Password: |daoud|


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