Free Download BitDefender AntiVirus Plus 2013 Build Full Version Activator/ Keys

Introduction: BitDefender AntiVirus Plus 2013 Build

Free Download BitDefender AntiVirus Plus 2013 Build Full Version Activator/ Keys  is the simplest component of the Bitdefender Suite. Even though not as rich as Internet Security or Total Security,  it still manages to provide real-time protection against the latest  virus definitions. It’s suited for the everyday user whose computer  activity is somewhere around average.

Aside from the antivirus  and antispyware modules, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus also stops threats  related to e-banking and ensure that your activity on social networks  doesn’t result in virus infections. The strong firewall, together with  the USB immunizer makes sure that there’s no breech in the security of  your computer.

Everything sounds and looks professional, starting  with the installation process and ending with the user interface, which  is not hard on the eyes at all. The black background, combined with  green hues makes it very pleasant to look at.

Bitdefender  Antivirus Plus sure makes an impression with its cool looks, but its  essence is concentrated in its awesome functions. It includes Active  Virus Control, a technology that detects threats in real-time, not to  mention that the virus database is always up to date, making sure you  own the latest definitions.
Scans are performed at amazing speed,  while the Autopilot feature allows you to watch videos or play without  interrupting you (it keeps all the settings to the recommended values).  Files can be quickly scanned by dragging and dropping them in the  Security Widget, a little gadget that keeps you up to date with security  tasks.

With Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, your social activities  are safe. You can rest assured that you don’t access infected links,  since the application monitors your social network traffic and blocks  suspicious websites. On top of all of these, parents can set up a safe  environment for their kids via the Parental Control feature.
All  in all, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus is an exceptional choice for users  who have a moderate Internet activity. Extra protection is available in  the Internet / Total Security editions.

Here are some key features of “BitDefender AntiVirus Plus 2013 Build
Bitdefender Safepay:
· Keeps hackers at bay by automatically opening all your online banking pages in a separate, secure browser.
MyBitdefender dashboard:
· See all the status and licensing information about your software and  services in your own, MyBitdefender dashboard. Now accessible from  anywhere, anytime, from any Internet-connected device.
Security Widget:
· Enables you to keep track of all of your security related tasks, plus  lets you quickly and easily drag-and-drop files for quick scanning for  viruses—right from your desktop!
Parental Control:
· Blocks inappropriate content, restricts Web access between certain  hours, and helps you remotely monitor your children’s online activity –  even on Facebook!
USB Immunizer:
· Immunizes any Flash Drive from viruses, when they are connected to  your computer, so that you never worry again about USBs infecting you or  your friends.
Active Virus Control:
· A proactive, dynamic detection technology which monitors processes’  behavior in real-time, as they are running, and tags suspicious  activities.
Social Network Protection:
· Bitdefender filters/blocks social-networking specific e-threats by  scanning the links you receive from your Facebook and Twitter friends,  monitors your privacy settings, and much more!
Search Advisor:
· The Link Filter relies on intelligence provided by Bitdefender Cloud  services to flag malware and phishing attempts in search engine results.
Bitdefender Autopilot:
· Bitdefender Autopilot provides a hassle-free experience by making  optimal security-related decisions without input from you. This means no  pop-ups, no alerts, nothing to configure.
Rescue Mode:
· If e-threats, such as rootkits, cannot be removed from within the  Windows operating system, the computer is re-booted in Rescue mode—a  trusted environment which is then used for cleanup and restoration.
Vulnerability Scanner:
· Checks for missing or outdated security software, missing Windows  security patches, as well as potentially unsafe system settings.
Personal Data Filter:
· Prevents critical data (such as anything even resembling your social security number) from ever leaving your computer.
· Analyzes and blocks websites that support various scams or credit card phishing attempts.
· Available free hard disk space: 2.8GB;
· CPU:Intel CORE Duo (1.66 GHz) or equivalent;
· RAM:1 GB (Win XP),1.5 GB (Vista, Win 7 and Win 8)
· 600 MB available hard disk space
What’s New in This Release
· Added new registry keys under self protection;
· Refresh not performed when changing password from My Bitdefender;
· No alert is displayed for invalid certificates;
· Improve scan flow and messages for ignored files;
· Sandbox does not work in Windows 8;
· Parental Control blocks HP Officejet Pro printer;
· quot;An unexpected error occurred while performing this action” when you to login in My Bitdefender;
· quot;You’re all set!Your product has been registered successfully” but the key remains on TRIAL;
· Added systray icon for Laptop mode;
· Create separate folder for backed up files disinfected by the product;
· Generate specific event for disinfected files;
· Limited users can change settings for quarantine rescan;
· When Antispam activation requires reboot, status in main view panel should also mention that;
· Rescue Mode should also detect USB drives;
· Added Game List;
· If user switches to Game Mode, settings for USB scan, CD/DVD scan, mapped network drive scan should switch to disabled.

Download Links:

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